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Is Metadata Management the new black?

The practice of Metadata Management has been around for quite some time. But recent trail blazing schools of thought in academia and matching innovative industry players are changing the way we think about Metadata and how to manage it. The use and advancement of services offered via the internetwork of computers such as IoT, AI, social media, streaming services and more has pretty much made the old thinking of metadata management obsolete.

Having said that, the guiding principles remain the same. For instance, organizations still need to maintain a catalog of their data, but how that catalog is generated, structured, maintained, and consumed has evolved to a greater extent. Organizations still need to know and understand their data to derive value, but a mere dictionary of data elements is not going to provide sufficient information one now needs to fully understand a dataset and the relationship it has with other data, entities, concepts, decisions, policies, the law, etc.

Limitations of traditional Metadata management, the vast amount of data organizations collect and want to understand, and the subsequent evolution of thought that inspired the idea that Data Relationships are as valuable as the Data itself, and there is much more to be gained out of an organization’s data by understanding the relationships it has with other data and entities such as sources, transformations, people, concepts, principles, etc. has shifted the landscape towards a new species of Metadata Management.

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