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Student Projects

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Nevada Business Patterns

By Zufan Wabe


The Nevada Business Patterns project focuses on analyzing key metrics such as the number of employees, distribution of establishments, and payroll across various sectors within the state. By delving into these factors, the project aims to provide insights into the economic landscape of Nevada. Through detailed examination, it aims to uncover trends, strengths, and areas for potential growth or improvement within different sectors of the state's economy. This analysis serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, businesses, and researchers to make informed decisions and strategies.

Analysis of World Population

By Beka Ledie


This project involves collecting and analyzing data on global population dynamics, with a specific focus on comparing growth rates and population sizes across different nations. Through statistical analysis and visualization techniques, it aims to identify growth trends, and changes worldwide. 

Covid19 Surveillance

By Ebsa Tufa


This project focuses on Covid-19 surveillance, aiming to systematically monitor and analyze data related to the spread and impact of the virus. It involves implementing various surveillance methods such as testing, contact tracing, and monitoring of symptoms and hospitalizations. The project's goal is to track transmission dynamics, detect outbreaks early, and inform public health responses effectively. By leveraging surveillance data, the project aims to aid decision-making processes for implementing interventions, allocating resources, and adjusting public health measures to control the spread of Covid-19 and mitigate its impact on communities. Ultimately, the project aims to contribute to controlling the pandemic and safeguarding public health.

FDIC Failed Banks Analysis

By Emebat Mekuria & Biruk Maru


This project focuses on analyzing failed banks under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). It involves gathering data on bank closures, reasons for failure, financial indicators, and regulatory actions. By examining patterns and trends in failed banks, the analysis aims to identify risk factors, regulatory shortcomings, and systemic issues within the banking sector. The insights derived from this analysis can inform policymakers, regulators, and financial institutions about strategies to mitigate risks and strengthen the stability of the banking system.

Salary Analysis for Data Science and Related Fields

By Dr Rania Suliman


This project entails conducting a comprehensive analysis of salaries within the data science and related fields. It involves collecting and examining salary data across various job titles and industries, aiming to identify trends, average salaries, and factors influencing compensation. The analysis may include assessing geographical variations, experience levels, and educational backgrounds impacting salaries in these professions. Ultimately, the goal is to provide insights that can inform job seekers, employers, and policymakers about salary expectations and potential areas for improvement within the data science workforce.

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